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This program is customized to suit the equipment available to you whether the workout be done at the gym or your home gym setting. You don't need a full gym to be successful!


Note: Pictures of home equipment will be requested to assist in the customization of the workout program.  


Program Details:


  • Generally includes 3-5 training days a week and customized for your current gym setting
  • Approximately one hour to complete each workout
  • Client programs are accessed through the third-party fitness app "Virtuagym"
  • Fitness app can be accessed from your device 
  • The app provides your workouts, demonstration of each exercise, ability to modify and/or edit exercises in real-time, along with appropriate and safe programming each week


What to expect:


  • You will first learn the fundamentals of strength training and the consistency that is required to see results. The first couple of weeks of the program will introduce your body to consistent and repetitive movements and exercises part of strength training.
  • You will be taken through a strength phase (if you are a beginner) to build muscle, gain strength and prepare you for higher intensity and load. 
  • This program builds strength and muscle tissue, replacing fat with muscle, gaining immense strength, builds muscle, and helps clients find the confidence and self-love they have been lacking.
  • This program offers structure for the client so that it takes all the guesswork out of your training plan.
  • Programs are sent out every Sunday to prepare clients for the upcoming training week. 
  • Weekly checkins and progress updates 

Soft to Sexy (Home or Gym)—12 week program

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