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My Story


I discovered strength training when I was 36 years old and it completely transformed my body and mind. 


But I want to share my whole story to show you that this kind of training doesn’t only bring external results. 


It transformed my life. 

At a very young age I learned the hard truth about how precious life is and how important it is to take care of your health.

At age 11 I became a motherless daughter when my mom died at age 36 from breast cancer. I was an only child and my mother was my entire world. Losing my mother sent me on a very different path that was originally planned and from that point I had to learn about loss, grief, depression, anxiety, adversity, and change. 

I was raised by a wonderful man who was not my biological father but adopted me and raised me as his own. My stepfather was a very positive influence in my life and my health. Watching my mother’s illness for so many years and with the influence of my father, I learned the importance of eating well and respecting my health and body.

My fitness journey started early. I ran my first 7km run with my dad at age 12. At age 19 I already belonged to a gym began learning the fundamentals of fitness. 

I have not always been so driven during this journey. I have experienced what many others have when it comes to lack of motivation, giving up on my goals when it got hard, and struggling with my weight and confidence. 

I had my first child at age 26, my second at 29, and was surprised by twins at age 34! For a decade my body had engaged in the process of pregnancy, birth, recovery, parenting as a motherless daughter and not having the support I needed to guide me along this journey. I have suffered from feeling like I was alone on an island doing life all by myself. I didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror and while I was dedicating all of my time to being a mother, I somehow lost myself along the way. I didn’t recognize my life, period. I suffered from depression and anxiety throughout my entire life which impacted the choices I made at times and my ability to be truly happy

At age 35 I experienced divorce with 4 small children. It was the hardest time of my life but it was also the time when I was truly able to find myself, and also find a passion for strength training. During my divorce and thereafter I spent a lot of time in the gym. This was MY time, my therapy, and the opportunity to find myself again. 

As I know the hard truths of love and loss, it was so important to me that I will LIVE for my children. I was determined to live happy, have energy for my children, be a positive role model, and be there for them for the long term by doing whatever possible to prevent any chronic illness so that I can be there to see my children grow into adults. This is my WHY. 

Strength training for me is not just about the transformation on the outside and how good you can look in a bathing suit. While that’s definitely a bonus to lifting weights, there is a huge benefit to our mental health and confidence that also comes with this journey. I believe in accepting and celebrating the body you were given. This means treating it with the utmost respect, setting goals for YOUR body, not comparing ourselves to the girls on social media, and building the path that was meant for YOU. 

Throughout my journey, I have trained and mentored hundreds of women. I have had the opportunity to share my experience with other women who are “stuck”, show them that anything is possible, and find the ability to love themself. 

There is nothing more fulfilling for me than seeing a woman/client’s confidence build throughout their own strength training journey.


This is my passion; this is my gift. 

lindsay twins.jpeg

Lindsay is based in Whitby, Ontario, Canada where she lives with her family. She specializes in personal training and online programs for women which you can read more about here.


  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Fitness Program Mastery 

  • Agile Methodology 

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